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'upto 100 degree centigrade'
Automatic Eight Head Mango Pulp filling line. Capable of hot filling upto 100 degree centigrade. facility to run two different fill volumes independently. fill volume 100 Gms. to 3.1 Kg. speed 80 tins per minute of 850 Gms. Tins. 500 Ltrs. common storage hopper with level sensor for automatic level maintain. Volumetric piston filling technology. Pneumatic operated. PLC controlled system. Accuracy 0.5 to 1.0%.
Automatic Pickle filling line Volumetric piston filling pneumatic operated machine Capable of cutting any hard shell during filling PLC controlled system semi-Automatic, Single head automatic, two head automatic and four head automatic depends upon speed requirement Filling Range 100 Gms to 1.0 Kg. Facility of production count GMP Model Slecially designed valve to handle the pickle pieces gently
Automatic And semi-automatic Powder filling machine. GMP Model , Machined screw achives maximum accuracy. Auger filler comes in both Clutch brake model and Servo driven model. filling range from 10.0 Gms. to 1.0 Kg. upto 5.0 Kg. on request in semi-automatic model. we provide both FFS Machine with auger filler and seperate auger filler for bottles filling machine. speed 15 PPM to 50 PPM.